Born out of a need, we seek to be a brand of significance. Our company strives to add value to the lives of others and make a measurable difference in the world, one foot at a time

Billy Price, Co-founder of Billy Footwear


From the beginning, we have worked to change how kids with developmental challenges have to live. Our CEO, Bernie Veldman, didn’t accept the painful and harsh orthotics his son Kevin had to wear when he was younger, so he developed a more kid-friendly solution. Then along came Surestep. Kevin was the first to benefit from the patented compression methods that Bernie designed, but certainly not the last


Surestep orthotics are custom-made to provide the extra support these amazing children need to run, jump and play. Our biggest smiles come from the kids who wear our products. That’s because Surestep is loved by parents, orthotists and physical therapists around the world.

In fact, our core product, the patented Surestep SMO system, revolutionised orthotic management for children with pronation or low muscle tone (hypotonia) worldwide. Another defining aspect of Surestep is its special trimlines. These patented trimlines encourage normal movement, allowing a child to enjoy all the fun playtime activities.

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SURESTEP’s creative solutions to give stability and independence to children who struggle to walk with confidence is why Surestep began, and why it exists today.