Surestep Derotation Straps

Surestep Derotation Straps give children with mild femoral or tibial rotation the stability they need to play as they want. The latex-free elastic hook-and-strap system offers plenty of options for places to attach so children aren’t confined to bland-looking clothes just to get the help they need.

Lengths and colors of this product

  • Pediatrics (white, beige, black): waist 30″, length 90″
  • Adult (white): waist 56″, length 106″
  • Custom (white, black)



Kids (Standard), Adults (Standard), Kids (Custom-made), Adults (Custom-made)


These straps are easily worn underneath clothing. They come in two custom-fitted sizes, pediatric and adult, and custom made to measurements. Given their flexible design and nature, fitting to a child in need is done quickly and simply. This allows orthotists to quickly start working on improving children’s flexible internal or external, femoral or tibial rotations.

Indications that this product will help your child

Flexible internal femoral rotation
Flexible external femoral rotation
Flexible internal tibial rotation
Flexible external tibial rotation

Contraindications that this product might not be the right fit

Fixed rotational deformities


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